Martial Arts

Train in the Martial Arts at Euro Sports Center's 1,200 square feet Studio.

Whether it be for reasons of self-defense, improving combat skills, fitness, self-cultivation, mental discipline, character development or building self-confidence, Euro Sports Center will offer training in an upbeat environment that promotes good sportsmanship.


TEL: 609.965.8080

FAX: 609.965.8016


About Our Program

Our clubhouse will contain a self-defense and fitness studio with men's and women's locker rooms. We will offer the following classes : Tai Chi; Tang Soo Do; Judo; Jujitsu; Cardio Karate; Yoga; and Self-Defense/CDT(Compliance-Direction-Takedown).

For more information on class enrollment please call Spiros Gaitanos at 609.965.8080 or contact him via email at

Euro Sports Center...experience the martial arts like never before!

Physical training is also available for those looking to stay fit or get in shape..
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